Wednesday, 21 January 2009

TV RIP and Viral Marketing

Having just been catching up with some friends on Facebook whilst watching the news, I am not surprised to learn that the Media Regulator has suggested that Channel Four needs to merge with either Channel Five or BBC Worldwide because they have a significant funding shortfall. One of my high-jumping friends posted the following advert on her Facebook site - with adverts this much fun, viral marketing is clearly the future.

However, it is rather sad to reflect that public service broadcasting is likely to be the casualty of this particular shift and that TV will continue its slide to the lowest common denominator.

Update on the above

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  1. Yes, the demise of the BBC would be an unthinkable loss. But is there a danger here of clinging onto what we know and understand? Sky has some excellent niche services, such as Sky Arts. If we are to save public sector broadcasting, perhaps the way forward is to allow the BBC to profit from some promotional activity of its own? Viral marketing, online marketing, interactive marketing, cyber-marketing – whatever you call it - is about entertainment and here to stay; surely there is no better company than the BBC in whom we can put our trust to take a socially responsible approach to this type of "entertainment"? PS - have you seen the recent T-mobile Dance ad?