Monday, 6 April 2009


I've started reading a really good book, What would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis. It's not really a book about Google, rather it discusses the way the Internet has changed the relationship between big business and their customers. If Jeff Jarvis is to be believed "the consumer really is king" these days ..... and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.


  1. But isn't one of Google's guiding principlies "transparency"? Its operations in China are far from that - the consumer being king (which is routed in "perfect information" and individuality and niche markets) is a bit like communisim ... the theory is interesting ... in practice oportunities to make money get in the way. A bit like Innocents and Smoothies and Coca Cola.

  2. Jarvis is not advocating all that Google does - indeed he makes the very point that you do in the book. Google's stance in China is inconsistent with the rest of its principles - it is fundamentally a pragmatic business decision - namely that it would rather have restricted access to China than no access whatsoever.