Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Thank Gok!

Gok is amazing! I am a fan.

Over the past year I have managed to catch a couple of programmes in recent series of How to Look Good Naked and Gok's Fashion Fix. Gok has run a one-man campaign to prove to the British public that, regardless of body-type or budget, we can all look good - if only we know how. And Gok knows how. In Fashion Fix, Gok with his high street products goes head-to-head with the designer labels on the catwalk and the public cannot tell the difference. It is always great to see an expert at work and these programmes don't disappoint.

How to Look Good Naked and Gok's Fashion Fix come from the "Dove Campaign for Real Beauty" school of thought - a view that is grounded in reality rather than in the air-brushed world of flawless models that grace our glossy magazines. What is most impressive about these programmes is the way in which Gok builds self-esteem and confidence in those whom he advises. Gok rejects the need to change the body shape through surgery - he works with people as they are. He transforms lives, not through pressure to be something that that people are not - but encouragement to make the most of what people have got. Above all, he makes people feel great about themselves and to be happy with the image that looks back from the mirror.

Self-image and self-esteem are some of the most important issues that face young people today - particularly girls - parents and schools need to keep them firmly on their agenda.

Catch-up on Gok's Fashion Fix Series Two on 4oD

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