Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Minister: independent students’ success due to ‘narrow focus’

Now I've heard it all!

Responding to last week’s A-level results and the subsequent debate over the gap in performance between state and private schools, education minister, Iain Wright has claimed that the reason independent schools achieve such high grades at A-level is the “narrow focus” of their curriculum compared with that of state schools.

“Private schools have a much narrower range; the choice is much narrower.

“There is a much broader suite of subjects and qualifications available in maintained schools and colleges. In that respect, the maintained sector are doing just as well, if not better.”

If narrow focus there be, the recent public examination results would suggest that it is on excellence and top grades, something of which I as the head of an independent school am happy to be criticised.

Mr Wright, "Go and Spin no more!"

Times Online - Minister: independent students’ success due to ‘narrow focus’

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