Sunday, 25 October 2009

Nanny says you can only have one .....

Can anyone explain to me why I am not allowed to purchase a second packet of Sudafed at Boots the Chemist? We are not talking the supercharged paracetamol-based versions here - just the bog standard non-drowsy decongestant?

I am at a loss as to why there are restrictions on the purchase of this sort of medicine. The ridiculous nature of the situation became all the more apparent when the shop assistant, who only a minute earlier had very politely informed me that it was the rules and it was more than his job's worth etc, then proceeded to advise me of the nearest chemist who could supply me with my desired illicit second packet.

I am not really convinced that this sort of legislation really achieves anything. Even if I were planning to commit suicide, which afterall has not been an illegal act in this country for nearly fifty years, and intending to "do myself in" with paracetamol, I should imagine the ritual of doing the rounds of the local supermarkets and chemists would not deter me - it certainly diminished my will to live!


  1. This recalls to mind the large brown bottles of huge Codeine tablets that I used to purchase, to attempt to alleviate severe toothache, when a boarder at Berkhamsted ( School House)in the late 1950's. I recall taking 8 of these large Codeine in one night, such was my fear of the school dentist. Somehow my liver remained intact but, alas, not my tooth !

    Posted by M Buckler ( Berko boarder 1956-61 )

  2. Have you tried Waitrose? They may call a manager to the desk but will let you have two packets! And did you know that the chemists and other suppliers call each other in the town if they suspect someone is buying all their supplies?!!!