Wednesday, 2 December 2009

ICT Strategy for Schools

We all acknowledge that strategy is the domain of headteachers, bursars and school leaders. Yet ICT Strategy in many schools has been the exception to this rule. It has been neglected by many school leadership teams in both the maintained and independent sectors. Historically ICT strategy was ignored partly because of a lack of interest or expertise in the SMT and partly because in its early years ICT was a rather peripheral part of school life – it was easily left to the enthusiast. However this has not been the case for some time now and ICT permeates nearly every aspect of school life.

ICT strategy is far too important to be delegated to Heads of ICT and to Network Managers. School Leaders need insight and understanding into a range of issues that will empower them to make informed strategic decisions about the place of ICT in schools.

The ISC ICT Strategy Group

The ICT Strategy Group was set up two years ago by the Independent Schools Council. The group is composed of experts with representatives drawn from the various Independent School Council member associations. The group provides independent advice to Senior Management teams on a range of ICT related issues primarily through the publication of briefing papers.

Recent Briefing Paper topics covered include:
Others are published on the ISC Website

Based on my introductory remarks at the ISC ICT Strategy Conference
Radley College, 02/12/09

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