Monday, 7 December 2009

Independent Schools and Red Tape

I know that it is driven by a party-political points-scoring agenda, but the debate about the amount of red tape that Independent Schools face is welcome.

Independent Schools do not need the same level of regulation as Maintained sector schools for a number of very simple reasons.

First, Independent Schools are not failing schools. On the contrary, the fact is that they offer the best "high school" education in the world [Pisa 2006 Survey].

Secondly, Independent Schools are fundamentally accountable to their parents who pay the fees - if they do not offer a good service then parents understandably will go elsewhere. Conversely successful schools attract greater numbers. Ultimately competitive market forces ensure that schools maintain high standards.

Thirdly, Independent Schools are not accountable to the tax-payer in the way that Maintained Sector schools are. Very few Independent Schools receive any Government funding - indeed, parents who choose to send their children to Independent Schools save the tax-payer billions of pounds each year. [The Independent Schools Council estimate that it is between £3-4 billion per annum - See Why Schools are Charities on ISC Website].

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