Wednesday, 15 September 2010

'Common Entrance is past its sell-by date'

Paul Brewster, Headmaster of The Beacon School, Amersham, and Chair of the Prep School Baccalaureate Steering Group, argues for an alternative to Common Entrance:

'Common Entrance is past its sell-by date' Daily Telegraph, 14/09/2010


  1. Wellington has cajoled all its feeders into backing the abolition of CE. Great for Wellington; it can put bums on seats without having to justify it. Great for its feeders - they've now got guaranteed places. What utter nonsense.

  2. A key issue is also that most children need to move to the senior schools at 11 not 13. There is so much rubbish being sold to prep school parents why they need their children to stay to 13 and most even will not "allow" you to move to the private day schools with their state school peers.
    If the exam entry system was not in the private sector there would be public outrage at the sheer number of unnecessary exams these poor kids have to sit especially as the GCSE's have been so dumbed down. The majority of these prep schools have longer days than the senior schools that they feed to- that alone should tell you the system is totally outdated, designed for times when they all went the boarding route.


  3. Thanks for your comments. You have inspired me to put down my thoughts on CE, which I have just posted on the blog as a main article.