Thursday, 11 November 2010

Using QR codes in Marketing

Now that anyone carrying an iPhone or a smartphone is potentially walking around with a QR reader, schools can harness this and use it to disseminate important information and key messages.

QR ["Quick Response"] codes are two dimensional barcodes which can encode up to about 250 characters of free text or a Website URL.

This functionality means that it is possible to link, say, a building to a relevant webpage on the School Virtual Tour. Thus QR code might enable a visitor to learn more about the history of the School Chapel or about a piece of Art Work.

A QR code could also be printed on the back of any school publication enabling the reader to link to a relevant page of the School website for further information. Yes, they could type in a link into their browser, but QR codes are quick and easy to use. Above all, they give the impression of a forward-looking school - the medium is the message!

Online QR code generators are available free online, as are QR code apps. Have fun!

Free QR Code Generator
Free QR Code App for iPhone

1 comment:

  1. How about QR codes for internal promotion?
    Students see a poster for the weekend rugby game, or after school debate, and can instantly sign up to attend?
    The app could automatically post time&date into students' calendars?