Sunday, 13 January 2013

Multipliers: Executive Perspectives Survey

The Wiseman group, the group responsible for publishing Multipliers, is conducting some research for an article and workshop about “how to work with executives.” 

The questions are a useful component in any Executive and Organisational self-appraisal:
  1. As an executive, what types of issues naturally make it onto your radar screen? 
  2. What's the hardest thing about working in an executive role? 
  3. How do you decide how to allocate your time? 
  4. What causes you to take a meeting with someone? (i.e., what kind of people do you, as the English say, "have a lot of time for?") 
  5. What are the characteristics of people whose advice you really value? 
  6. Other than position or power, why are some people more influential with executives than others? 
  7. What would make you say, "This is the best internal partner / collaborator I've ever had in my career? 
  8. What earns trust with you? What Loses Trust? What does it take for someone to rebuild trust?
If you would like to contribute to the Executive Perspectives Survey go to: 

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