Monday, 17 June 2013

The keys to success: hard work and how you respond to failure

In this outstanding video Michael Jordan explains that you don't succeed unless you work hard and learn from failure.
"Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe I led you to believe it was easy, when it wasn't.
Maybe I made you think my highlights started at the free throw line, and not at the gym.
Maybe I made you think that every shot I took was a game winner.
That my game was built on flash, and not fire.
Maybe it's my fault that you didn't see that failure gave me strength, that my pain was my motivation.
Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God given gift,
and not something I worked for every single day of my life.
Maybe I destroyed the game.
Or maybe you're just making excuses."
[I am grateful to Julie Potter, who used this video as part of her assembly.]

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