Saturday, 9 May 2009

Educating Digital Natives – ICT and Schools

My article on Educating Digital Natives – ICT and Schools has just been published in the Independent Schools' Council Bulletin 24 - May 2009 pp. 26-29.

Click here to download the Bulletin in pdf format.


  1. As a digital immigrant I am really interested in this debate although wonder how we can let students explore web2.0 and soon web3.0 when we don't let them access stuff at school because of filters - are they stuck with powerpoint rather than glogster and voicethreads? Also, what role for ICT as a stand alone subject - should we focus on information literacy rather than hardware? If technology is fit for purpose then kids need no instruction - they plug and play.

  2. I think that the whole issue of web filtering has taken a new direction with the ability to access the web from mobile devices. Schools and other institutions can no longer hide behind the their "net nanny" policy - they need to educate young people to use the internet responsibly even when they are not being monitored.

    Classroom ICT will continue its evolution. The subject began with programming and has come a long way since. At Berkhamsted we are moving it towards digital and media literacy.