Sunday, 17 May 2009

End of the Old School Tie?

News that ten schools a week are abandoning traditional school ties in favour of clip-on versions is further evidence [if any were needed] that the Health and Safety lunatics are taking over the asylum.

The Schoolwear Association commenting on annual trends reported that clip-on ties are replacing knotted school ties, as schools worry about health and safety worries. The rationale seems to be as follows:

The emergence of clip-on ties is part of a growing sensitivity towards health and safety, says the association, along with modifications such as high-visibility trimming on scarves.

Clip-on ties take away the risk of pupils having accidents with their knotted ties.

Schools have raised concerns about ties catching fire in science lessons, getting trapped in technology equipment or ties getting caught when pupils were running.

Clip-on ties also allow schools to create a more standardised appearance, says the association, stopping pupils from being more creative in how they wear their ties.

Rather than allowing fear of litigation to wrap up our young people in cotton wool, schools have a responsibility to teach children to manage risk. Long live the Windsor knot!

See Guardian article, How to be a school tie rebel without getting it in the neck ...

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  1. To be fair, competing for the fattest, best Windsor knot amongst friends is a timeless pursuit and can't end with clip-ons! Ludicrous!