Friday, 3 December 2010

ICT Capital Expenditure in ISC Schools - the statistics

The Independent Sector has invested heavily in ICT over the past twenty years and this seems set to continue. Analysis of ISC Annual Census data indicates that, although the recession has had a minimal impact, there is no sign that the overall level of capital expenditure on ICT is reducing, despite ICT capital costs falling year on year. The data shows that ISC Schools have spent £221M in ICT capital expenditure in the past four years, averaging out at £55.25M per annum.

Unsurprisingly HMC and GSA schools are setting the lead in terms of the amount of capital expenditure per pupil [HMC averaging £131/pupil p.a. and GSA averaging £125/pupil p.a.]. Capital investment in Prep Schools and the smaller ISA schools lags well behind [IAPS and ISA averaging £76/pupil p.a.]. Furthermore this analysis does not include staffing costs, where many of the larger, wealthier schools are investing heavily in ICT technical and classroom support.

Source: ISC Census Data 2007-10

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