Saturday, 4 December 2010

Interfacing with the Future

Cordell Ratzlaff [ex Apple, now director of user-centred design at Cisco] affords a glimpse of the future in today's Daily Telegraph.
"Don’t berate your moody teenager for wasting hours on computer games. It’s preparing them for the workplace of the future."

"We’re heading towards a point of ‘always on’ connectivity, where users always have an internet connection."

Ratzlaff points to a third generation of user interface. If the first level was the old command-line interface, and the second the GUI (using graphics), the latest phase moves away from the need for a keyboard and mouse, making manipulation much more direct by using touch, voice recognition and spatial awareness.

“We need to get to a point where initiating a video call is as simple as picking up the phone. It’s happening.”

The article tackles issues such as:
  • The importance of Computer Games
  • Video calls
  • Cars connected to the Internet
Full article:
Computer Games of the Future Daily Telegraph 04/12/10

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