Monday, 10 September 2012

The Benefits of Mergers

I have recently written (jointly with Peter Rushforth) an article on 'The Benefits of Mergers', which has been published in the IAPS magazine, Attain, Autumn 2012, Issue 19, Volume 7 pp.40-41
"It is easy to see the advantages of collaboration and merger simply in business terms – sometimes they are an important life-line - but there is so much more to be gained for all concerned. Collaboration and merger give real scope to raise the bar, to give greater support to teachers and to improve the range of educational opportunities available for pupils."
Co-author: Peter Rushforth, Headmaster of Heatherton School, Chesham Bois; part of the Berkhamsted Schools Group.

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  1. I am puzzled by the fact that there is a good deal of discussion about mergers, but so little about the establishment of 'hubs' which might fulfil services for schools. In a small geographical area there must be some schools which overlap so little that they could share a common finance and billing 'hub' and share costs. But there seems to be very little enthusiasm for such an enterprise. I'd be interested to hear of any such experience in an independent school.