Wednesday, 26 August 2020

The Ethics of AI in Education

A presentation given at the Middle East Teaching and Learning Conference on 26th August 2020.

The video is available here:

The slides are available here:


This presentation looks at how AI works, how it is being used presently in Education and then outline some concerns about how AI might be used in education in the future. 

In it I argue that AI has a much greater part to play in Education – particularly in making education more widely available in the developing world and in reducing the cost of education. The talk then moves on to discuss general ethical concerns about how AI is being used in society, looking at the issue of how we program autonomous vehicles as a case in point. I then outline five areas of concern about the use (and potential abuse) of AI in education arguing that we need to have a much more informed debate before things go too far. With this in mind, I close with some suggestions for courses and reading that might help colleagues to become better informed about the subject.

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